Services Provided

Resources and Referrals

SontarahLife offers our member's services on a variety of family issues. We may not be equipped for every need a family might encounter, hence, our referral and resource program. SontarahLife will have the appropriate literature to help our members to begin the process of starting any program that we may refer them to.

Family Life Coaching

A Family Life Coach can help you get through many unexpected events that impact a family by simply changing your perspective and most of all your attitude. Find the support you need through one-on-one coaching or one of our support groups!

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Parenting Course/Eductional Programs

Please contact SontarahLife to find out more about up coming classes, programs and seminars.

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Job Searching/Resume Writing

To educate family members on interview etiquette, the application process, and watching for job openings and fairs in their areas. 

Family Court Assistant

Let us help you figure out how the family court in Maricopa County works.  We can help you understand the process. 

**SontarahLife does not make recommendation or give advice on your specific case but can refer you to an attorney if needed.**

Computer/Internet Access

SontarahLife offers access to the internet for our members. SontarahLife at this time does not have a time limit on the use of our computers in the research room.